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Jim's Formalwear, Milroy's Tuxedos, and Tip Top Tux

Between the 3 companies carried by Designer's Florist by Sekan they can  offer tuxedo styles and  formalwear from Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Fumagalli's, Chaps Ralph Lauren, Fubu, Stephen Geoffrey, After Six and others. Notch lapel, peak lapel, shawl lapel, specialty tuxedo, fulldress tailcoat... you'll have lots of formal choices for your formal event.

Your wedding color and wedding theme is important. Matching colors to a bridesmaid dress is critical. That's why they offer fullback vests, windsor ties, bow ties, pocket squares and a variety of other formalwear accessories in many colors! They also pay close attention to bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses and the colors that are offered  every year. They  make sure their formal accessories match exactly so it's easy for you to coordinate your wedding color.

They also offer the extra accessory items, too. You'll find formal shirts, microfiber shirts, formal shoes, top hats, fedoras and canes available from Designer's Florist by Sekan.

If you want to add a tuxedo to your wardrobe, Designer's Florist by Sekan offers tuxedos for purchase. 

Men's suits can be rented from   Designer's Florist by Sekan as well with a  variety of colors to choose from. If you only need a men's suit for a single event, this is an ideal solution. Plus, a suit rental is a good option for high school age guys who may be attending a homecoming, winter dance, Valentine's Day dance or other school event.

Designer's Florist by Sekan has all of the extra items you'll need for your suit rental - dress shirts, windsor ties and dress shoes


Do I need to make an appointment?

You do not need to make an appointment, please stop in when it is convenient for you.  Designer's Florist by Sekan is open Monday thru Friday 8:00 am to 6:00 pm (Thursdays til 8:00), open Saturdays 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. However if you wish to schedule an appointment you may. Simply contact them at (620)-223-5190  or  (800)-243-6411 to find the best times.

Should all tuxedos match for a wedding party?

Customarily, all men in a wedding party wear matching tuxedos. However, many of today's brides prefer that the groom wear a different color vest and tie to distinguish him from the rest of the bridal party.

Can Designer's Florist by Sekan help with gifts for the groomsmen?

Designer's Florist by Sekan offers a wide variety of gifts that can be engraved for personalization for many occasions. They specialize in gifts for the wedding party, including groomsmen's gifts, ushers' gifts and bridesmaids' gifts.

Do I have to return my tuxedo at the same store where I picked it up?

Yes, the tuxedo does need to be returned to Designer's Florist by Sekan by noon on Monday following the wedding.

If some of my wedding party lives in another city or state, how do I get them fitted?

Most retailers that sell or rent tuxedos or mens suits are qualified to take measurements for tuxedos. Simply ask them to measure (some may charge a small fee) and then send those measurements to you so that you may take them into Designer's Florist by Sekan..

Who should wear a tuxedo at my wedding?

Typically, you want all men that will be in your wedding photos outfitted in a tuxedo. Obviously the groom and his attendants should be in tuxedos, but you should also consider other family members, including fathers, brothers and grandfathers.  If you prefer, the father's and grandfather's could wear suits which are also offered by Designer's Florist by Sekan.

Why should I rent shoes?

Even though some men say they may have black shoes at home does not mean they will look anything like the ones the wedding party has.  For instance, you may have matte finish and their shoes could be high sheen patent-leather shoes. They may have wing-tips as opposed to your simpler style of shoe.  Make sure your wedding photos turn out perfectly by having every man in the wedding party wear matching shoes.

Can I measure myself?

We do not recommend that you measure yourself. You can have professional measurements taken at any tuxedo or men's suit shops often times at no charge (occasionally there may be a small charge).

When can my tuxedo be picked up?

As they arrive, the store will call the bride and groom so the attendants may come in for the final fitting. Earlier fittings are possible when the arrangements have been made prior to pick-up.

What happens if the tuxedo does not fit?

Designer's Florist by Sekan can make onsite alterations (such as adjusting the sleeve or trouser length). In the event that an item needs to be re-ordered, the companies that service Designer's Florist by Sekan will do all that they can do to get the tuxedos by your event date.  One of their companies even drove a tuxedo across several state lines to get the right size to the customer.